Remember me telling you about the braid porn that is Vikings? Well, I am weak! I admit it. I have been trying to incorporate more braids in everyday looks and tried not to cry about my decision to chop off my hair  last year. I mean yes, it’s all cute and bouncy, but I want warrior princess locks. Fickle is woman.


English Countryside

English countryside in all its cloudy glory

There wasn’t a lot of travelling involved this time – more like a nice walk out the door and through the fields, hoping to not be surprised by rain. I love living just outside main cities because I think it gives the best of both worlds – easy access in for various amenities and peace and quiet for daily life. Also, sheep – but on that, a bit later.



I absolutely love this over-sized jumper which I’ve nicked off my mother – particularly the sleeve detail. It’s quite old at this point but has managed to achieve maximum cozy and slouchy potential so I throw it on all the time. It’s particularly useful in breaking up my usual all-black outfits – seriously I have so many black things and keep getting more things in black because black goes with everything, right? Particularly with all the other black I own.



Jumper: No Name (similar here)

Dress: Stradivarius (previous collection but similar here – dress it up, dress it down and very flattering on just about everyone)

Belt: Vintage (similar here )

Boots: DTK (similar and on sale here and here)


Not quite a woodland nymph

I am trying to get back into the swing of wearing dresses/skirts. Like all great loons, or was it moons, I go through phases – generally ridiculous ones. I used to decide all the time in winter, as a child, that now is when I must wear all the dresses so really this means I have become so unpredictable that I have actually resorted to wearing season-appropriate clothing. Who would have known?



Now, since it will become painfully obvious soon, I must warn you that I have the maturity of a  3 year-old and I love animals. Always in their natural element though – mostly zoos aren’t the best. So I took advantage of being in wool county and started my mission.


Unsuspecting sheep just being sheep


Master Stalker – one with my surroundings

Thankfully, fine-tuned gazelles they are not, so getting close wasn’t really a problem. I do wonder if this little guy  knew a fashionable brethren who wore my jumper better. Kidding aside, I like to be aware of where my food and clothes come from – I believe it makes you more aware, respectful and less likely to just spend frivolously which often results in waste. Be responsible shoppers, people!

Face to Face - baaa-rely containing my excitement

Face to Face – baaa-rely containing my excitement


Photos by MTM