I am all about turtlenecks. Not really the weather-appropriate but invariably scratchy options that come attached to jumpers but the inexplicable ones tacked onto short sleeves or sleeveless tops. I still remember being quite young when I first noticed them being in style and, boy, did I go crazy for them. For some reason, I think they make you look elegant. Probably because they give the illusion of an elongated physique. Which has always been tempting for someone of such a painfully average height and in possession of a large amount of narcissistic tendencies as yours truly.



See – I told you my blazer fetish would become painfully obvious



The sun completely disappeared. Just my luck. At least my neck was warm!


Dress: River Island. Similar here.

Blazer: H&M. Similar here.

Shoes: H&M. Similar here.

Did you catch the incredibly lame reference in the title? Anyone?


Photos by MTM