workwear top, jean shorts, red converse

I figured out, after a couple of growth spurts in primary school, that I didn’t have to say goodbye to my old jeans when they became comically short on me all of a sudden.  All I really needed was a trusty pair of scissors and a steady hand and I could reuse jeans by turning them into shorts. Which is basically what I still do because:

  • I live in denim shorts during summer – worn in to perfection and super comfy;
  • I like to be able to control the shortens of the shorts – seriously, is it just me or are all shorts getting really short nowadays?

workwear top, jean shorts, red converse


workwear top, jean shorts, red converse

This is basically my uniform over summer – old jeans turned into shorts and Converse shoes. The top I’m wearing is supposedly for workers to layer with their work gear but I love using it for walking. It’s comfortable, keeps me just warm/cool enough and protects me from the various flying insects indigenous to the English countryside.

Have got to say though, Yorkshire is looking stunning this time of the year!



workwear top, jean shorts, red converse




Small side-note, but I am absolutely obsessed with this shade of lavender. It’s everyone in nature around here at the moment!


Photos of me by MTM