20150310_151454Amelia Earhart, eat your heart out.

I am a creature of comfort. Most days, when out and about, I work towards achieving the perfect balance between comfort and style. Of course I generally end up giving up  and revert to my regular black jeans uniform because things like skirts can be too problematic. I swear, they are either too short (how do people sit in them?) or too flowy (I’m definitely not Marilyn Monroe). Luckily I discovered this midi, pencil skirt in the January sales. Yes, it’s still black but boy was it a great bargain and such a departure from the sea of trousers I have been drowning in. Lest I be in danger of being too put together, I have paired it with my Nike trainers (the ones with the hidden heel because I’m a cheeky sod).  For just the right amount of baggy, casual and cool, I nicked MTM’s light blue button up shirt. Why has it taken me so long to discover that I love powder blue? I blame gender stereotypes – girls like blue too! Also,  I think I just can’t not shop in other people’s closets. Clothes Nickers Anonymous (CNA), anyone?





Shirt: Ralph Lauren Men

Skirt: River Island. Similar here.

Shoes: Nike

Jacket: Pull and Bear. Similar here.


Love a good stone wall – still on the fence about this one though!






The View


Pop It.


 I have told you all about my love for all things midi before. But the truth is I have always avoided wearing the items myself because I felt I was too short to pull them off. I’ve recently changed my mind on the matter. I think a lot of the style advice going around just encourages everyone to achieve the same image – tall and thin. Well, I’m just 5’5.5″ on a good day and I look it. And you know what? I’m fine with that. The more photos I take, the more I understand how much of  a difference just the angle of a photo can make but I am not a model so I dress for the 3 dimensional human that I am in every day life. So, my only advice to you is to ask yourself the following 2 questions:

1. Do you like it?

2. Does it fit? i.e. it’s not digging in, riding up or impairing general movement

If it’s a yes for both then go crazy. Well, maybe event appropriate. But otherwise, crazy.




Had this jacket for going on 4 years and still love it

And not to dispel the myth that I am in any way coordinated or graceful, I spotted a tree stump and decided it would make a great prop for a photo. Well, nature fought back. And as quickly as I sat down, I jumped back up as I had managed to rest my bottom on some sort of a thorny plant (I’m not very botanically gifted, I’m afraid). People always did say I had a prickly personality.

Mother Nature: 1 Fashion:0.


Suffering for my art



Photos by MTM