Photo by Bart Naus The writing is on the wallPhoto by Bart Naus
The writing is on the wall

This week MTM and I have found ourselves re-watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I have to say that, unlike my bubblegum pink highlights of yore, it stood the test of time rather well. It’s still witty, funny and clever. I’d like to think that (some of) the fashion still holds up similarly well, mostly because my style hasn’t veered too far from it. Yes, I’ll admit it – I still think Buffy is the epitome of cool. And I still listen to Nirvana and Google old pictures of Kate Moss when her and Johnny Depp were hot and happening.

Now that we’ve got the embarrassing confessions out of the way let’s do a skip and a jump and land onto this week’s obvious fashion theme  – the nineties!

Below I present to you my 9 Must Have Quintessential 90’s Pieces!


Smells Like Teen Spirit

1. The Plaid Skirt, as seen in every music video at the time. It was equal measures hot, rebellious and all around rock ‘n roll. Dress up, dress down – you probably loved it unless you were subjected to it by Catholic nuns.

Rock it today from here or here.

2. Chokers, because goth got mainstream and we all acknowledged our BDSM fetishes well before 50 Shades of Grey. Also they looked cool, okay?

Channel your inner-goth from here or here.

3. Crop Top, because the waistlines were so high they could actually be modest. And because we were all obsessed with Britney Spears’ ab routine.

Hit it baby another time from here or here.

4. The mini-backpack, because we all liked to play fast and loose with pick-pocketers and needed our hands free for, well, living. Like guys can every day of their lives.

Carry it around from here or here.

5. Ripped (Black) Jeans, because they perfectly mirrored our tortured souls.

Try them from here or here.

6. High Neck, because sometimes we just got cold and it elongates the silhouette. Also makes even the shiest of us able to rock bodycon.

Try it from here or here.

7. Combat Boots, because they go with everything and are excellent concert-wear. Don’t believe? Do they not match all items above? Yes, yes they do.

Walk them from here or here.

8. Sheer Tops, because sometimes you just wanted to be a bit more alluring  or were just plain too warm. Also a great break from all the flannel.

Get ready for summer nights here or here.

9. Denim Jacket, because you were just too cool to care and too poor to afford the perfect leather jacket. Or maybe you just watched too much Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Get down with the kids from here or here.

Have fun shopping and let me know what your favorite 90’s pieces are!