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Confession: I am a very visual person. I collect images online and offline like some deranged fashion magpie and just look at them lovingly. As I have found out during a long descent into the black hole that is online copyright law, looking is ALL I can do. My main takeaway – unless you took it, don’t use it. So I just have to rely on copyright-free images and, thanks to the internet gods who both giveth and taketh away in equal measure, POLYVORE. I love the ability to create mood or outfit sets and just share them so everyone can know what I’m on about and I don’t need to play a cruel version of online charades. I was never any good at charades.

It was a very timely discovery as I wanted to dedicate a post to some of the trends that I used to see my mum rock and how they have come back today. Since there would be no way my mum would let me share her outfit posts, I got creative – literally. The result is as follows:


Casual Color
I remember seeing mum quite comfortable in day to day life except for the shoes. Which were always heels because she was always one of those aliens who claimed it was more comfortable in heels than flats. BUT, while she liked a good evening dress up, she also favored weather-appropriate, well-fitting casual outfits – nothing digging in, nothing riding up. I also remember color pops – red was her choice generally but I confess I might have fallen for all this yellow malarkey going around this season.


Denim Deluxe
Denim was a big trend. I mean there was denim everything and for a couple of years there I wasn’t even sure you could wear an outfit without any denim pieces – jackets, skirts, dresses, shirts and jeans were ubiquitous in a variety of washes, colors, patterns and fits.  Denim was definitely synonymous with summer.


Jacket Love
I admit this last one is the one I identify with the most. I love a good jacket, blazer or vest – they could make an outfit for me. I remember the padded shoulders, bold details, the suede and the leather. I naturally veer to a more rock n’roll, grunge feel but I suppose a black-soul hippie vibe could work as well.



 Makeup-wise, it was, and still is, all about the cat eye, the bold lip and the big hair.

Accesories MUST HAVES:  Sunglasses (so you don’t get wrinkles by squinting all the time), a great scarf (for a chic touch) and a trusty leather handbag (just big enough for your wallet, lipstick and book).

The music, speaks for itself really.

Funny how fashion comes round and round, isn’t it? Moral of the story: never throw anything away. If you have the space that it. I don’t want to be held responsible if you get caught under a clothes avalanche and there’s only your cat there to find you.

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