I absolutely love the sea. Everything about it gives me a headrush – the salty air, the crisp breeze and nowadays even the sand that I refused to step on until I was 5.  So, even if it’s winter, it seemed only fitting that I kickstart this blog with a trip to the seaside.

Llandudno Pier, Wales, Sea

Llandudno Pier, Wales

Since swimwear was out of the question, I made the sensible decision of going for a nice, warm coat. This particular one was a very lucky catch from Zara, the perfect menswear inspired coat – it goes with everything and has a classic, vintage feel to it! I absolutely love the clean, sharp lines of men’s clothing and I see no reason why you shouldn’t sneak a peak in the men’s section every now and again!

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Coat: Zara  (similar here and here)

Trousers: DKNY (similar here and bargain here)

Top: Red Herring Men (similar here and here)

Boots: Deichmann (similar here and here)




While Wales is mostly famous for its castles and its sheep it is also filled with quaint small towns and a plethora of historical buildings. Exhibit A: Llandudno, known as Queen of the Welsh Resorts during Victorian times.


Unfortunately not all is at it seems in this small town. Because from the moment we parked  I got the feeling of being watched. And then as we walked around I couldn’t shake the feeling of being followed.

Gull, Seagull

Gull, Seagull

They gathered in greater numbers. The Birds  flashbacks followed.

Camouflage Masters

Camouflage Masters

I only discovered that I was dealing with a cunning and clever creature when I innocently sat on a bench near the sea to enjoy my lunch of fish and chips and the view. Unbeknownst to me, there was an attack planned from the rear. As I picked up a mouthful on my tiny plastic fork it happened – in one swift move, a huge seagull swooped in, partly knocking into my head (those things are heavy) and nicked it! It then boldly turned to face me. Upon hearing an ominous flutter of wings from above I did the only sensible thing one can do in a face-to-face confrontation with one of nature’s greatest predators – I ran for cover in the nearest coffee shop!


Having the last laugh

Having the last laugh

So, since Hitchcock is as current today as he was 50 years ago and this realization came at the price of my lunch, I see it only fitting to dedicate this week to the Master of Suspense. Stay tuned!






Photos by MTM.