Photo by Ryan VaarsiPhoto by Ryan Vaarsi

You have heard of Sofia Coppola, yes? She is the daughter of screenwriter/director Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, anyone), one time actress (let’s all block that information right out) and a screenwriter/director in her own right. I know that her father executive produces all her films and that there’s a fair amount of backlash about her criticizing the very Hollywood culture she is a part of but that’s a whole different kettle of privileged fish that belongs in another discussion.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I have come down with a mean case of spring apathy. I’m totally on board with all the blossoms and the sun but I can’t help but feel like I’m stuck in a transition period before the main event – summer! And, boy, do I HATE waiting. The feeling of being stuck in limbo is the main reason why I hate airports. Well, that and my fear of flying. Aaaaanyway, for some reason, Sofia Coppola’s aesthetic absolutely speaks to me in such times.

Moving on to the superficial aesthetics that this post is really about! I really like her films, actually. Aside from Marie Antoinette, which is a burst of color and sensations, her other films are all moody and somewhat numb. I love that the brightness of the images seems too cold and how they instill a feel of hollowness and general detachment from the real world. Kind of like how spring makes me feel. And more importantly, kind of like fame seems to make Sofia Coppola feel. Wait, I said I’m not going into that.

If you want to feel like you are ready to rock the Coppola vibe and pretend your life is basically one of her films, follow the next 10 steps:

Chateau Marmont by Tony Hisgett

Chateau Marmont by Tony Hisgett

1. Be Kirsten Dunst

This is the cheat that allows you to skip all other points. Of course, it’s pretty much impossible if you are not, in fact, Kirsten Dunst, child actress and star of The Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette! Sorry.

2. Be Blonde

Ethereal, delicate, young nymphs are always great targets of male obsession. Also, for some daft reason, blonde still seems the dream hair color of a large number of women around the globe. Is it because they have more fun? Can anyone confirm this for me?

3. Go Girly

Just watch Marie Antoinette and take notes. Then take a step back, take it down a few notches and have fun shopping! Pastels are a pretty good starting point. Spring? Pastels? Shocking, I know! Also, I feel the desserts are super easy to incorporate. Oh, and delicious.

4. Paint it Pink

Because what is more girly than pink? I mean, hospitals wrap baby girls in pink blankets. Or is that only a film thing? Regardless, do pink. Or be P!nk. Maybe just try pink hair? See Kirsten Dunst and Scarlett Johansson for inspiration. Or is grey the new pink now?

5. Accessorize

It’s going to be all about the shoes and the bling. I mean, it probably already is, so you probably don’t need to do anything extra with this one.

6. All White

Because what says ‘innocent’ better than an all-white outfit? I’m not going to describe it as pure because that’s a massively disturbing way of framing women. It’s on trend for spring/summer 2015 though so go for it. The all-white look, not the pure moniker. You should maybe not try it out for a wedding though. Unless you’re the bride.

7. Rock’n’Roll

You will love the soundtrack – believe me!

8. Be LA

For me Los Angeles is definitely Film Los Angeles. It’s basically all Chateau Marmont, Terminator 2 (favorite film as a child) and Rebel Without a Cause (James Dean, amirite?), with some Wes Anderson thrown in for good measure. Let’s not question the way my brain works any further.

9. Be a Creative Perfectionist

In short, be a consummate artist and don’t settle for mediocrity. Basically be the arts’ answer to a Type A personality. It helps if you can be self-involved for a bit. Or just be a teenager. I’m looking at you, The Virgin Suicides.

10. Have a complicated relationship with your own fame

You may have to get famous first. Good luck! But whatever you do, don’t enjoy it as a well-adjusted human being. Either chase it or be over it.