I have been on a mission for a while now. It is difficult, treacherous and possibly as futile as the search for the actual Holy Grail. Sadly, my Holy Grail proves just as elusive i.e the perfect white T-shirt that will give me the ultimate cool but casual look of my Pinterest dreams. Judging by the wide array of white T-shirts available in a range of prices, I’d say I’m not the only one. I know white is seen as super fussy and a detergent commercial waiting to happen, so I generally feel like I am tempting fate when going for an all-white look, but so far, so good.

Darn. Hope I didn’t just jinx it.


You know what they say – hair today, gone tomorrow



Blazer: Vintage. Similar here.

T-shirt: No Name. Similar here.

Jeans: No Name. Similar here.

Shoes: Converse






Just call me The Blossom Hunter, your new friendly cape crusader

You know what makes an all-white outfit less daunting? A blazer!

You know what makes an all-white outfit more exciting? A red blazer!

I admit to being slightly biased here. Red is actually my favorite color so I think it makes everything better. I also admit to a general obsession with blazers. Some women collect bags, others collect shoes. Me? Well, I have way too many blazers and the state of my addiction will slowly become more and more apparent the longer I run this blog.


A stroll a day keeps the doctor away – I’m never in for him to drop by!


Converse is one of those brands that has served me well for the past decade, at least. I have generally had a few pairs in rotation, different heights and colors, and the comfort level has never disappointed. And that’s saying something considering what fussy feet I have – seriously, the wrong flip-flops can result in blood. ┬áBonus: I still think they work with just about any casual outfit.


Public Footpaths



Power Stance


Photos by MTM