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If there is a way of going into town and coming home without buying any books then I don’t know it. I always say I’ll just pop in to have a look , then I’ll find one book I really want and then it’s all downhill from there. Good thing for bargain bookstores or I would be flat broke. I got these 3 romance novels for £5! In the immortal words of Del Boy, “You can’t go wrong for a fiver, can you?”


  • Nora Roberts – Summer DreamsNora Roberts is one of those authors I have been always meaning to pick up but never quite got around to it until now. I know she’s an institution in the world of romantic fiction so I’m looking forward to reading my first book. I obviously picked up this one since it just looked like summer in paperback form.


  • Elizabeth Noble – The Way We WereAgain, an all new author for me to discover. I like to cover but the blurb on the back really drew me in – I’m a sucker for a what could have been narrative with some good old fashioned destiny and meant to be elements.


  • Jemma Forte – If You’re Not The One: I like the somewhat weird premise of this one – the main character falls into a coma and gets to see how her life would have turned out if she would have married someone else. I expect it to be a bit like Bedazzled, in book form, with some heartwarming lessons!


I’ll be coming back with reviews for them soon!