hotel, architecture, historical building, bangor, northern ireland

My taste in miscellaneous buildings is probably the most colorful predilection I posess. Actually, I can’t pass by any natural or man-made source of color without attempting to get a good shot of it.  I also get desperately excited when I’m looking through and editing those pictures and see how bright and cheerful they are. But then, when I open my wardrobe, it’s mostly a sea of all black outfit possibilities or neutral, muted tones pieces.

I mean, they go with everything, right?

outfit. all black outfit, zara coat, asos over the knee boots, northern ireland

I don’t know how obvious it is, given the bright light in all of this, but I was, in all actuality, freezing my bottom off. It was cold and windy and I wondered, for the millionth time this winter, why I still haven’t bought myself a pair of gloves. Probably for the same reason as to why, about 20 minutes after this photo was taken, I was getting myself a massive ice cream sundae. Apparently I have a really short memory when it comes to survival.

At least I had enough wool and leather on me to mimick some sort of Arctic-temperature resistant animal.

tree, gazebo, bangor, northern ireland

outfit. all black outfit, zara coat, asos over the knee boots, northern ireland

I’ve pretty much lived in these Asos over the knee boots this winter (they’re on sale for a fabulous price right now by-the-by). I got them saying I needed a quick, easy and comfortable pair of boots that has to go with everything and they really fit the bill! Also they’re black, thus by adding to my all black outfit, all the time problems.


clock, clock tower, park. bangor, northern ireland I spend a lot of time complaining about the cold or about losing feeling in my extremities. I also get bored fastest of dressing up because all I want is as many comfy layers as possible. But winter walks are without a doubt my favorite. The air just smells amazing. It’s sharp, refreshing and seems to linger on you for ages. My mind is always clearer after, my mood elevated.

The best thing about the cold though? Getting in to s lovely cup of hot tea and a fluffly blanket at home, after.