Let’s get real here – I’m a child of the 90’s and I make no excuses for it. I grew up with slightly questionable hair choices, denim EVERYTHING, skater culture and the slow mainstream acceptance of all things grunge, rock, punk and goth. Like others of my generation and older, I like to think I was cool before fashion caught up with us.

Duck Duck... Mara

Duck Duck… Mara

You have no idea for how long I have been hunting some blossoms. Living in the countryside means that I have been teased with the possibility of some amazingly photogenic bursts of color for going on a month now. This was the best I could find so far because the sun seems to hate Yorkshire for some reason. We’re sorry, okay? Come for a cuppa, we can make it work!


It’s funny how wrong my mum was in thinking I will grow out of certain things. I still love stripes. And denim. And black everything. I love that the former two are spot on trend for this season though perhaps not quite in such a blatant Nirvana reawakening. No matter as I’m still the same rule-breaker I’ve always been – sleeveless dress with dark tights? Go on, then. It’s also terribly practical when the weather is still cold but you are ready for spring like right this second.


Also should have mentioned that the dress was an amazing bargain. If memory serves, I only had to pay £5 for it during the sales! I think there’s been a slight miscalculation in the design though as it’s quite tricky to get over the shoulders. Or maybe I just have linebacker shoulders. Once it’s on though, it fits great! I particularly like the bustier-like top design with the A-line skirt. I’ll forever sing the praises of a good A-line skirt as I think it may just be universally flattering.


My stomping ground


Dress: H&M (similar here)

Jacket: Wrangler (similar here)

Boots: Deichmann (similar here)



Photos by MTM