river island brooke flare jeans, dark blue wash, pink button up shirt, 70s fashion

As I sit down to write this post, there is a definite smell of autumn in the air. Bill Withers is playing in the background (Ain’t No Sunshine, ironically) and, outside, it’s raining. I’ve always been a nostalgic person and I’ve had to rely on music to get the vibe of any given fashion decade and the 70s are no different. Worry not, deep down I think I will always be a 90s kid, completely enamoured with the black, leather and grunge. But, after snickering at more than my fair share of pictures of my parents, who were fortunate enough to be teenagers in the 70s, I seem to have acquired a taste for 70s fashion and was thrilled to see several 70s fashion trends make their way onto the High Street: boho tops, suede, fringe, floppy hats and, most of all, flare jeans.

I’ve had my eye on this particular pair of jeans for a couple of months and was lucky enough to bag a pair, in my size, during the summer sales. I think this particular cut of denim has to be the most recognizable rendition of 70s fashion and, if you’re as bored with skinny jeans as I am, a welcome breath of fresh air. I know a lot of people are a bit hesitant when it comes to them and are unsure about how to wear flare jeans.

Short answer: with confidence.

Practical answer: in late spring/early autumn. So, really, about now.

Pedantic answer: what you’re really wanting to know is what to wear with flare jeans. Well, luckily, I have some helpful tips on how to rock some 70s fashion so keep reading.


What to wear with flare jeans:

  • What shoes to wear with flare jeans? One word: heels. Now, hear me out here. You can wear whatever you want but I, personally, think you will be ruining some of the, shall we say, extending effect of this particular cut.  In short (heh), the best way to achieve the legs for days effect that I’m quite enjoying  is to wear some heels – chunky, platforms or whatever your stilts of choice happen to be.
  • Not in the category of acceptable shoes to wear with flare jeans, are tall boots. Flare jeans are just too awkward to attempt to tuck in which is why I suggested wearing them in autumn, when you can pair them with a comfy, chunky heeled pair of ankle booties.
  • Speaking of that extending effect, try opting for a mid-rise or high rise cut jean and consider a darker wash for versatility.
  • Incorporate other 70s fashion trends with your look if you want a completely retro vibe; crop tops, boho blouses, bright colors for a glam edge, a suede jacket or a sweater.
  • Try tucking in your top or going for something cropped to streamline your look and make you appear taller.



river island brooke flare jeans, dark blue wash, pink button up shirt, 70s fashion


Photos by MTM